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About Us

We solve people-flow problems in hospitals and clinics, by studying how people move in real-time. Because, with accurate data, there’s better spatial optimisation, less waiting and more time for what matters – getting patients back to health.

What makes us, us.

Wellbeing at the heart

At Spatial Quotient, wellbeing is at the core of what we do. We want to help healthcare organisations run smoother so that more patients can be treated and we can all be healthier and happier. We apply this to our own team as well, offering flexible working and the option to come and work in the peaceful surrounding of the South West of England.

Diversity & Inclusion

We have built a dynamic team with mixed backgrounds and experiences and we do all we can to make sure everyone feels equally welcome and a part of the SQuad. We recruit by getting to know people and assessing their skills and potential, not just their qualifications.

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