You may have seen some of our previous posts about how we are using smart devices and machine learning to automate social distancing and manage transmission risk, to help hospitals safely return to capacity:  In order to build the best possible solution, we are launching a survey to understand exactly what our hard-working healthcare professionals need to make their working lives better. If you work on the ground in any healthcare facility, or know anyone who does, then we need your help. It will only take 10 minutes of your time, and will help to build a smoother, safer experience for both staff and patients.
Better people-flow. Better healthcare.


We have put together a short survey to learn what your biggest challenges are when you are on the ground, and what tools you have to help you manage. We will use the results of the survey to develop new tools to make your jobs easier, and ensure more patients get seen safely. The survey only takes 10 minutes to complete, and can be submitted completely anonymously. You can also provide us your name and contact details if you’d like to receive the results of the research or talk to us further. To take the survey, simply click here.
Kathryn White
Kathryn White
Head of Product & Innovation, Spatial Quotient