Hi There! It’s lovely to finally introduce myself. My name is Meg and I’ve been working for SQ for just over a month now as a Media Marketer! I’m handling the twitter and the linkedin pages and writing articles for the website. I’m currently in the process of creating a new company video, which is really exciting and eventually I’ll be producing more photography and videography work as time goes on which I can’t wait to share with you all.

The team has been really welcoming and I’m glad to be a part of such a great company that is doing work towards such a great cause and that’s growing so fast in HealthTech.


Since being a young child I’ve always loved being behind a camera and being able to express my creativity and explore different means of it! I carried on my interest when I chose Media and Art as my main subjects in secondary school to study and furthered it by doing a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media in college. Since then, I’ve carried out various freelance marketing projects for local businesses.


Photography has always been my passion, but anything that gives me a way to bring creativity into the Media world is incredibly enjoyable and I’m grateful this company has given me the opportunity to do so. I also really enjoyed studying English in school so this job gives me the best of both worlds! 


I had the opportunity to come in and meet the team after applying for the job and I felt instantly welcomed and was really interested to find out more about the company and how all of the technology worked. Since a lot of the previous media work was done by team members in their own time, I’m glad to be able to take that extra load of everyone and create something with my own twist and theme and slowly progress on making everything as great as can be.


I found the company via the Kickstart Scheme. The Kickstart Scheme is a new program created by the government designed to create hundreds of thousands of six-month work placements aimed at preventing long-term unemployment among people aged 16 to 24 who receive benefits. The Work Coach at your job center will help identify vacancies that are suitable for you and then connect you with the relevant employer to undergo their normal interview process. After you’ve been hired by your new employer, you will be with them for at least six months, after which time they may decide to keep you on at their expense or support you in finding another job. Additionally to the six month work experience, the training provided also ensures that you will be able to find another job at the end of the six month placement if your existing employer does not have a permanent role for you. I’ve found the Kickstart Scheme has managed to place me in a job where I’m happy and finally get to use the skills I’ve either studied for and learnt along the way.
Meg Wheller
Media Marketer, Spatial Quotient