We are delighted to announce that we are finalists for Go:Tech Awards! We are in the HealthTech Business of the Year category alongside some incredible companies. The Go:Tech Awards celebrate businesses and entrepreneurs who specialise in Technology and Innovation across the UK. The awards showcase businesses of all sizes across the whole of the UK. It is organised, administered and delivered by Business Leader. Business leader is the UK’s leading media platform for high growth and scale up businesses and is renowned as the voice for UK business. The live award ceremony is on 19th May, 2022 at Ashton Gate, so keep a lookout for plenty of photos and updates of the event!

The incredible companies we have been shortlisted with are:


Champion Health have created “Access to wellbeing Action plans”, which place employees in control of their wellbeing. They have built an app which tracks and monitors your wellbeing with daily check-ins, journaling and live analytics. You can also receive support via the app when you need it, along with employees being able to share passes with friends or family at no extra cost. 
This is an amazing concept considering the rise in employee burnout which we have spoken about in previous articles. [Burnout epidemic, what is it and how to deal with it.] We think all employees/employers should feel like they have a way to express and get out the way that they feel rather than bottling it up.


Lightpoint medical are transforming cancer surgery. They develop and market innovative technologies for intra-operative cancer detection. Using imaging, sensing and AI tools to help surgeons to quickly and accurately detect cancer in the operating room, enhancing surgical precision, improving patient outcomes and reducing costs for healthcare systems.
Being someone who has dealt with cancer in the family, this is incredible and I’d love to hear more! Something needs to get done about all the issues surrounding cancer and this sounds like a great step towards something better.


Sensyne Health analyses real-world data to deliver healthcare and life sciences insights. “To connect patients, clinicians and researchers, which collectively help healthcare professionals deliver better patient care while curating vital data to support the next generation of medical research.” They connect the life sciences industry with healthcare providers and connect healthcare professionals with patients.


Service Robotics Ltd have developed GenieConnect® which is the Digital Companion for Remote Care. “GenieConnect® enables the delivery of more flexible and better quality care to combat loneliness within older adults whilst reducing demand on our health and social care providers.” GenieConnect® is the first remote care service for older and vulnerable adults, it is beneficial to improve older adult reablement/rehabilitation through supporting their care needs from the comfort of their home. 
This is brilliant, having grandparents who live alone but having constant healthcare appointments. I’d love for them to have such a good device, plus it’s so welcoming rather than being just a flat tablet or phone.


ZOE analyses your unique gut, blood fat and blood sugar responses, so you can take back control of your health and weight. ZOE is backed by cutting edge science. “Discover how your body responds to foods, make the best decisions for your own health & weight goals and no more counting calories. Learn how to enjoy food that’s right for you.”
Being someone who struggles with knowing what food is right for me and dealing with my health and weight I’d love to try this out!


Doctify captures the voice of patients, you can read verified feedback for your specialist, dentist, hospital or care home. They publish reviews from real patients, full provider information, and recommendations by doctors to allow users to find & access the best care. “Promoting trust & transparency in healthcare” 
Knowing there’s somewhere that you can find the best healthcare for your situation and knowing what other people have to say about it is great. It’s nice to know that you can find out if other people are having the same experience as you or being able to find a new healthcare that works best for you.

It’s a pleasure to be shortlisted alongside such strong and brilliant people who share our ideal for making quality healthcare available for all. We can’t wait to attend the award ceremony and meet them all! We thank Business Leader for giving us this opportunity.

Meg Wheller
Media Marketer, Spatial Quotient