This week in July 2019 we are excited to be kicking off a project with The Environmental Futures & Big Data Impact Lab to bring cutting edge Machine Learning technology to Spatial Quotient. The Impact Lab is a partnership of seven Devon-based research organisations led by the University of Exeter, funded by the European Regional development Fund. The programme allows innovative businesses to access top tier technical support from academic experts. 

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We believe that understanding data is absolutely key to improving the healthcare system, ensuring all patients receive the best quality of care and hospitals can run at peak efficiency. Data is core to our business and continuous innovation is essential for us to offer the best service to hospitals around the world. This is why we are so delighted to have been granted support from the Impact Lab, to develop our data analytics capability to the next level. 

The project with the Impact Lab will be a short-term collaboration with Industrial Research Fellows from the University of Exeter to bring more automation into our data processing. This short-term funded project will be followed by a multi-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership with University of Exeter, funded by Innovate UK to bring in a new data scientist who will focus on developing our machine learning data analysis. 

Led by Dr Ola Oluwasuji, the Impact Lab project consists of three major components:


Rather than mapping our data points onto a pre-drawn floor plan, we will be able to identify room boundaries using the locational data itself. This will ensure greater accuracy in our data analytics and allow us to map patient journeys more quickly and confidently.


Spatial Quotient uses cutting edge IoT equipment to gather high-resolution positional data within buildings. As the equipment is newly developed it can still suffer from anomalous data points. The project will develop algorithms to identify and remove anomalous data points, reducing the time required to clean datasets and once again improving accuracy. 


Spatial Quotient is here to help you understand the flow of your patients and staff through the hospital. The final part of the project is to map common patients journeys through clustering of the data. This work will be continued into the Knowledge Transfer Partnership.

Kathryn White, Innovation Manager for the Impact Lab, said “We were incredibly excited to find such an innovative company working so near to our base at the Exeter Science Park. Spatial Quotient are doing important work for the Healthcare Industry and we are delighted to be able to support them in enhancing their data analytics capability, and to begin what will hopefully be a long and fruitful research relationship with the University of Exeter.”

Tim Maguire
Tim Maguire
CEO, Spatial Quotient