We’re going through a transformation – from old to new; from start-up to scale-up; from using data to being all about data. We’re changing from That Figures to Spatial Quotient.

We started work on our rebrand before COVID changed the world. Lockdown was a challenging time for us, as it was for most businesses, but we used that time to focus on developing our strategy, our product roadmap, and our new identity. We hope you like it!


When we thought carefully about what we do, we realised that it’s all about optimising the use of the space and resources within hospitals and clinics. We are developing a benchmarking system to allow healthcare providers to easily see how they are performing against others. This is your Spatial Quotient, or your SQ[index]. Understanding your SQ[i] means you can quickly identify the key areas to invest in and make changes. Knowing where you’ll make most impact will help you maximise your return on investment for any changes you make.

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We’re working away on developing our automated SQ[index], which we hope to launch next year. In the meantime, we have also widened our selection of services, which you can read all about on our Products page. You can still set up a Spatial Assessment of your site, where we carry out a short consulting project using data captured over 1-2 weeks. But now we are working towards a much more powerful Continuous Flow Monitoring service, with a permanent installation that allows you to continually monitor and manage performance in real time. To help hospitals during lockdown, we also developed off-site offerings where we can use our existing dataset to help you answer important questions. Alongside all of these service updates, we’re also developing our data analytics with Covid recovery in mind. We are working with hospitals to plan safe routing and configure social distancing, and to monitor footfall and duration and proximity of interactions. And then there’s what we do best – increasing capacity. We know healthcare services are dealing with an unprecedented backlog of patients following lockdown, and we want to ensure that everyone is seen as quickly and safely as possible.


Our name and branding aren’t the only things to have changed over lockdown. We are also growing our team, beginning with our new Chief Technology Officer, Kathryn White. As well as making sure all the technical side of the rebrand was up and running, Kathryn has been focused on developing a robust product innovation strategy. She will be ensuring that all of the different parts of the business align towards this strategy, so we can continue to grow and develop as a company. We’ll be posting new roles soon so keep your eyes peeled.


We have some significant new projects starting to kick off, that we can’t wait to tell you all about! Watch this space…

Tim Maguire
Tim Maguire
CEO, Spatial Quotient