On the 20th March 2020, along with a vast majority of the UK, all Operational staff at Spatial Quotient were placed on furlough. This lasted until the 15th June, which marked not only my return, but the start of a very important operational period.


The first task was to get the office ready for colleagues to safely return. ‘Returning to the Office’ calls were held with each member of the team individually. The aim of this was to find out how they had coped with being furloughed or working from home. We also wanted to assess if they had learned any new ways of working that could be implemented. Finally, any other personal requests were noted.

These calls were received very positively. The team suggested some good ideas and provided a platform to start to write the new office rules, mostly incorporating social distancing and other Government guidelines. Once written, these were shared with the team to ensure nothing had been missed and that everyone was happy to work under these new criteria.

People wearing PPE


With the team starting to return, the next task was to get Spatial Quotient back into hospitals. This required some extensive research into the PPE; cleaning materials and methods used in hospitals; and becoming familiar with any additional protocols that would be required for us to work in UK & EMEA hospitals.

Our large network of contacts were a valuable resource, and NHS & Government documents provided the necessary guidelines. Armed with these, a ‘Mitigating the Risk of Transmission’ protocol document was created for Spatial Quotient (available upon request). To ensure that we had dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s we shared the document with clinicians across the UK, whose feedback was very positive.

From Monday 6th July Spatial Quotient were operationally ready to enter hospitals. With this major milestone accomplished, we began the process of contacting our existing clients and clinics, informing them that we are COVID safe, and ready to help them when they need us most.

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Antony Pumfrey
Operations Manager, Spatial Quotient