At Spatial Quotient we are excited to announce that we have been awarded grant funding from the new Innovate UK Sustainable Innovation Fund. This will enable the development of a system to map patient journeys in hospitals and automatically identify areas of high disease transmission risk, using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and state of the art data science. This is an amazing opportunity to work on really exciting technology for services that are under incredible strain. We are thrilled that the the business, the team, and our software development partner Artlimes are being recognised for their work done in this space. The project, known as PathwAI, aims to develop our technology into a more robust and automated product that can support hospitals in operating safely and efficiently during the Covid-19 pandemic. By understanding the flows of staff and patients through hospital clinics, we will be able to advise on safe pathways, highlight risky areas, and optimise the healthcare experience. With this insight, clinics will be able to tackle severe patient backlogs and reduce waiting times. The key areas we will focus on are:
Funded by Innovate UK


Building on work completed with the Environmental Futures & Big Data Impact Lab and the University of Exeter, a key outcome will be the further development of our positional clustering and automated floor plan configuration methods.

This positional analysis helps to define rooms, spaces and activities in the clinic. The PathwAI platform will use this insight to provide live recommendations to optimise the clinic. It will also feedback to staff about transmission hotspots, high traffic areas and contact points/surfaces.

Data visualisation of clusters of patient pathways


A second key output will be the ability to determine proximity of individuals to other staff, patients and equipment, to assess the risk of transmission. This data on social distancing will be hugely beneficial for clinics when tracing contact.

We will also apply our expertise with pathway mapping and clustering to help hospitals plan safer layouts and routing.


Tying everything together is a service management dashboard, giving a real time overview of people flows within the clinic, linked to performance metrics. Recommendations will be communicated to staff, allowing them to make interventions to lower the risk of transmission and increase operational efficiency.

Here at Spatial Quotient we cannot wait to get started on the project, and proudly contribute to the worldwide COVID recovery. Watch out for more news as we announce our core project partners, and if you are interested in joining our list of trial hospitals for the new service, please get in touch.
Tim Maguire
Tim Maguire
CEO, Spatial Quotient