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Spatial Quotient, the technology company that uses AI to improve patient-flow in hospitals, is delighted to announce its latest hospital deployment, alongside a suite of new innovative tools and services.

In October 2020, Spatial Quotient secured grant funding from Innovate UK to develop an exciting new platform to help hospitals to manage COVID-19 transmission risk and help get patients safely back into hospitals. Today, the company is communicating the pilot hospital for the project, Moorfields Eye Hospital in London.

Commenting on the announcement, Spatial Quotient CEO, Tim Maguire said: “It’s truly wonderful to be working with an organisation that’s so respected for their work in ophthalmic research. Now is an especially important time to help eye hospitals, as delays to treatments caused by COVID-19 can have serious lasting impact on eye health. We’re here to help the patient-clinician interaction run even more smoothly and seamlessly”. 


The grant project will also be the launch of Spatial Quotient’s brand new PathwAI Dashboard and will provide staff in the Retinal Therapy Unit a live and complete picture of the flow of staff and patients throughout clinic sessions. By monitoring the movement of patients and staff around the hospital, Spatial Quotient’s machine learning algorithms can identify areas of high transmission risk, as well as opportunities to streamline processes, reduce wait times, and safely increase capacity. And for the first time, the staff at Moorfields will be able to view this data in real time.

Moorfields Retina Lead Robin Hamilton added: “We’re very excited about this partnership. Our resources have been under significant pressure throughout the past 12 months and the team at Spatial Quotient have devised a compelling and easy-to-deploy solution which will benefit our patients in terms of safety and experience and the staff that look after them”.


This is the first stage of an exciting roadmap of developments for Spatial Quotient, which will see the healthtech start-up produce a range of tools to enable hospitals to manage their patient-flow and improve the care experience for everyone. As well as the real-time dashboard for use on the ground, Spatial Quotient’s PathwAI programme will also include a powerful data analytics platform that will allow clinicians and administrators to combine datasets to perform root cause analysis and understand how to make key strategic improvements. By gathering data on an ongoing basis, specially developed machine learning algorithms will help to identify continuous improvement opportunities, working towards our target of a smooth, wait-free experience for all patients. 

Tim Maguire
Tim Maguire
CEO, Spatial Quotient