Here at SQ, we like to celebrate other exciting HealthTech businesses, as we know it will take collaboration and cooperation to build the best healthcare system. Last time we featured hearing wellness startup, Mumbli.
This week we’re talking to Sarah Green, Founder & CEO of AvatarJo, a company helping to train healthcare staff via video conferencing.  Like us, AvatarJo are based in the South West, where we are starting to see a hub of health innovation developing, spread from Bristol and Bath all the way West to Cornwall, where Sarah is based.

Welcome Sarah! Why don’t you start by giving us a quick overview of AvatarJo?

AvatarJo provides clinician to patient communications training via live video role-play and e-learning. We specialise in patient perspective training for the healthcare sector, with a focus on remote delivery of healthcare.

Video call with AvatarJo actor

Why did you decide to start the business? What drew you to healthcare as an industry?

I have been an entrepreneur most of my life, mostly working in the arts, which means that you are constantly creating and collaborating with new people. I really like making things happen. My theatre work had led me into the role-play work within the healthcare sector and it seemed obvious that this was something that could and should be done online, and so off I went.

What has been your proudest moment with the business?

I think that is yet to come. We have some fantastic collaborations going on with the NHS and private healthcare sector. Directly influencing patient communications alongside giving healthcare professionals genuine human centric support and training during a pandemic is such a privilege. Watch this space, because the best is yet to come.

How have things changed since Covid?

The conversations are now so much quicker in terms of tech and video adoption. The business was very much before it’s time; now we are front and centre of the future in a very dynamic time and space.

You’re based in Cornwall, what are the highlights of working in the South West?

The beach, how easy it is to network and build trust. The music, the arts, life is good generally even when business brings its challenges. All the Universities are great to work with and for. And there are plenty of innovative people around to bounce off.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs starting out in this space?

Don’t make assumptions. Know that ultimately the culture in the NHS and healthcare can feel closed and rigid, but within it there are real change makers and once you find them and build rapport, the greater good lends a hand to make good ideas happen. Build a network and learn from them.

Kathryn White
Kathryn White
Head of Product & Innovation, Spatial Quotient