At SQ, we know how important it is to support our communities, and that includes our wider business community. So this is the first of a series of Startup Spotlights, where we shine a light on other exciting Health & Wellness businesses. This week we’re showcasing Mumbli, a Hearing Wellness Platform founded by our own Strategic Advisor, Marion Marincat. Like SQ, Mumbli have been funded by Innovate UK to develop exciting new services to support economic recovery post Covid. While our project helps hospitals improve capacity and quality of experience, Mumbli is supporting the hospitality sector to offer a better experience for all customers.


Mumbli is a pioneering start-up that helps businesses and consumers to access, benefit from and contribute together towards hearing wellness.

It is founded on the belief that everyone can benefit from being better able to self-manage their own hearing health, and that the world can be made much more inclusive and accessible for those with reduced hearing health.

Mumbli will deliver the technology to make that possible.

This includes an app that enables users to understand their own hearing personality and connects them with insights and venues that are ‘Certified for Sound’, utilising real-time sound performance monitoring devices to provide trustworthy reporting on the experience they can expect.


Mumbli has been awarded grant funding by the UK Government that paves the way to begin trialling devices in cafes, pubs, shops, restaurants and other hospitality settings.

Mumbli is creating a Hearing Wellness platform powered by in-store smart devices that enables operators to monitor, understand and optimise the real-time sound experience of spaces they run, providing them with insights to better curate their customer experience.

The start-up aims to bring the benefits of hearing wellness to everyone and help users to take pro-active steps to care for their own hearing health. Customers can use Mumbli’s hearing wellness app to identify their own hearing needs – their ‘hearing personality’ and find the experiences they’re looking for, whether it’s a place that’s quiet enough to work or somewhere buzzy and chatty, based on the measurements Mumbli’s hardware provides.

It aims to help venues drive more custom following the restrictions on hospitality sector, by encouraging customers who would otherwise by deterred.

The £100k funding award was made by InnovateUK through its Sustainable Innovation Fund, a fund for businesses with innovative projects with the potential to help the UK’s economy recover from Covid-19’s impacts strongly and more sustainably.


Action on Hearing Loss, a leading national charity, estimates that approximately a fifth of the UK population lives with some form of hearing reduction, and that around 80% of the population has left a restaurant because of background noise. Overexposure to loud noise levels damages hearing over time, and poor design in buildings, such as the choice of materials, can make it hard to stop noise levels from becoming too loud.

Mumbli’s innovative platform works by combining a custom developed individual Hearing Profile – known as the ‘Hearing Aura’ – with purpose-built, sound monitoring, smart devices. The Hearing Aura enables users to understand their hearing and personal preferences for sound, which is known as their ‘hearing profile’. The smart devices installed by venues provide real-time data and analysis on their sound performance.

Users can find venues through the profile based on their individual preferences and needs for their sound experience, which will drive motivated customers to participating venues.


The grant funding will be used by Mumbli to build and test the first hearing wellness devices in real-world settings. It aims to establish testing partnerships with a series of venues, including cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants, free of any charge.

Trials aim to commence in East London in early 2021, following the end of current restrictions on venues, with other areas to follow later in the year.


Marion Marincat

Mumbli’s Founder and CEO, was inspired by his own experience of an 80% drop of his hearing ability at age 26. He said:

“We are delighted that Innovate UK has chosen to back our hearing wellness project through its Sustainable Innovation Fund. Our mission is to bring hearing wellness to as many people as possible, and make the world more inclusive, accessible and healthy for everyone.

Excess noise and poor sound performance are an ‘invisible’ problem that deters people from spending money in pubs, restaurants and other venues, while also potentially damaging our health.

By helping people to make informed choices about the experiences they seek out, we can help drive more custom to spaces that help them look after their own hearing wellness. This will be particularly important as venues emerge from the latest lockdown. It can also help venues and local authorities – who regulate and enforce noise control – to build more trusted relationships. It’s a real win-win.

We look forward to trialling our first devices in everyday settings in East London in early 2021. We are eager to hear from venues who would like to be part of that journey.”

Kathryn White
Kathryn White
Head of Product & Innovation, Spatial Quotient