As a Data Scientist at Spatial Quotient (SQ), development is my bread and butter. Whether it is designing code to analyse clinical data, or working on engaging visualisations to communicate our story to clients, I can be sure that I will be developing something, every day of the week.


Here at SQ, we also believe in developing people. This can come in many flavours, for example, providing opportunities for employee training, or allowing time off to attend conferences. However, I would like to highlight one particular area: what SQ are doing to support early careers and student development.

Image of Exeter Campus
Streatham Campus, the University of Exeter


This year, two MSc students from the University of Exeter are joining us, working on our people-flow datasets for their dissertations. Ruomeng Xu (Cocoa), studying Advanced Computer Science, and Saurabh Pandey, studying Data Science & Business, will be investigating similarity measures, benchmarking, and multi-objective optimisation, applied to the healthcare clinic.

As well as gaining understanding about the healthcare domain, the students will be exposed to a fast-paced small business environment, and learn about our new product, the PathwAI system, which we are currently building. By the end of the project, the students will have fused their academic knowledge with some business intelligence, and be ready to move into their next role with confidence.


This engagement will further strengthen SQ’s partnership with the University of Exeter. Dr. Jacqueline Christmas, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, has kindly volunteered to co-supervise the project with myself, providing some excellent academic support to the project. We thank her for all her support so far.

To sum up, watch this space! Over the next six months, the students will be working hard on their projects, and we are excited to see what they come up with. Or should I say, develop!

Simon Kirby
Simon Kirby
Data Scientist