We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Tech South West Awards. This award celebrates the best in tech around the South West. It’s their third year of celebrating the best in technology across the South West with 18 categories.  There were over 200 entries to the awards from all over the region so it’s an honour to have been shortlisted for the Health Tech award alongside the brilliant companies of Bioinduction and LatchAid.
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Bioinduction is a company that focuses on revolutionising the treatment of cerebrovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. Since there are no effective drug therapies available today, they’ve created a skull-mounted brain pacemaker which is an extraordinary piece of equipment. They announced the World’s first successful implantation of ‘PICOSTIM’ on the 30th of June 2021.
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LatchAid have created an app to support mothers breastfeeding journeys with 3D interactive animations, personalised and smart 1-1 support with a close-knit and 24/7 support network. The service helps mothers and mothers-to-be learn virtual breastfeeding skills and receive professional support anywhere and any time. 
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Both of these companies are incredible with what they do and what they have created and we are delighted to be beside them in this amazing opportunity.


If you’re new to SQ, our solution uses wearable technology to gather real-time data on how people move around hospitals to reduce waiting and ensure more time for what really matters – getting patients to the health care they need. So far, we’ve helped 125 hospitals and clinics across Europe, the Middle East and Asia boosting their capacity by up to 40%, reduced patient waiting times by up to 50%, increased patient appointments by up to 50% and increased contact between staff and patients by up to 300%. Shorter waits. Happier staff. Better care. That’s Spatial Quotient. In the wake of the pandemic, this has never been so important, with waiting lists in the UK exceeding 5.6 million and overstretched medical staff needing more support than ever before. We are grateful for our employees and our partner hospitals for making this happen. We will be attending an exclusive event to meet the other finalists on the 21st of October and the Ceremony will be held on Thursday 25th November at the new Immersive Dome at the market hall in Plymouth.  Tickets are available here.
Kathryn White
Kathryn White
COO, Spatial Quotient