This year has been different for everyone and here at Spatial Quotient we have had to adapt, like so many other businesses. The news at the end of the summer that we had been selected by Innovate UK to help the COVID response in the NHS and beyond was incredibly exciting and a great cap to a strange 6 months. We continue to support our Pharmaceutical customers with COVID too, helping them find new ways to support their customers in unlocking capacity in services which has been restricted by COVID regulations. Today I’d like to talk about some of the ways we have helped pharmaceutical companies over the years, and how we can continue to help in the current environment.

Medical staff in meeting


Over the last five years, SQ have worked extensively with our Pharmaceutical Partners across the world to support them in delivering value-added solutions to their patients and healthcare customers. Our focus in those projects has been on delivering a great patient and staff experience. We’ve achieved this using our health data platform to manage flows, waiting times and patient pathways in busy health services. This has delivered some fantastic results for the health service and supported Pharma in adding value to the performance and operations of their customers and patients. See our Case Studies page to read about the great results we were able to achieve for Pharma clients in different hospitals.


The impact of COVID has been dramatic, with many services reducing their patient volumes by up to 80%. Many services are still struggling to get above 50%, 7 months after the first lockdown. This is having a devastating affect on patients and staff in the long term. Not only are patients not being seen in a timely way, but many patients will miss the opportunity for critical treatment. For many, that opportunity will not come around again. Pharmaceutical companies have been severely impacted by COVID, as a direct result of this drop in patient volume. They are also losing many of their routes to communicate with and support their customers.


This difficult time is exactly the moment when this value-add relationship has the most potential. The average capacity improvements we have delivered to healthcare services have exceeded 40%, with turnarounds as fast as 6 weeks. This kind of impact is welcome in the normal world, but when services are down 50%, it can be the difference between patients getting treated and not getting treated.


Someday things will go back to normal, or at least a version of normal and then there will be the big clean up! 10 million on the waiting list by Christmas in the NHS alone; globally….who knows? And alongside the waiting lists, there is the long list of patients who dropped off the waiting list because it was too late to treat them. Now is the perfect opportunity for Pharma to engage with SQ, to deliver value to their customers at a time when they need it most. To have a compelling and relevant reason to engage over lockdown. To build relationships which will enhance everyone’s long term reputations. And to position Pharma for the great unlocking and transformation of health services of the future. That is our vision so come and join us…
Tim Maguire
Tim Maguire
CEO, Spatial Quotient