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[ Fertility Case Study ]

That figures completed a project with the Guy’s Assisted Conception Unit to look at efficiency in the service and ways in which more patients could be seen and better care could be delivered to those patients.

That Figures used their innovative approach, combining technology and observations, to build an evidence base of data that informed us at Guy’s where we needed to make improvements in the efficiency and productivity of the Service.

That Figures presented the findings at an extremely productive team session and allowed the team to absorb the Information and then work together to find better ways of working, based on the data and their knowledge of what is required to deliver quality care to the patient.

The team thoroughly enjoyed the session and it highlighted to them a number of key steps in the care pathway that were under resourced and others that needed redesigning altogether. The data also focused our attention on areas where there was significant variability and this variability was causing problems for the staff and the patient.

We used the data and implemented changes throughout the team once the wider buy-in from staff had been achieved. This was easy as the staff had seen the evidence for the need to change and the impact on their service if they did not.

All in all the evidence based approach That Figures provided us with enabled us to focus on the outcome for the patient in the knowledge that capacity, efficiency and productivity was being dealt with by our actions based on facts rather than opinion.

Since the changes have been made we have seen a paradigm shift in the ACU team’s outlook to taking on more work.

We have increased throughput across the service, which enhanced our productivity. The desire for the team to take on more work has been obvious and the results from the programme with That Figures deserve our support and recommendation to others who would like to use them.

Mr Yacoub Khalaf, MB BCh MSc MD FRCOG
Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust